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Custom Injection Molding Services

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Custom Injection Molding Services
Custom Injection Molding Services
Custom Injection Molding Services
Custom Injection Molding Services

Controlling the molding process is probably the most critical factor in the overall scope of providing world-class products. This is accomplished by utilizing the newest programmable microprocessor controlled machinery available. With press sizes ranging from 40 to 385 tons of clamp force, and shot sizes from less than 1 ounce to over 28 ounces, your part size and shape options become vast. Combine our hot runner and insert molding expertise with our versatility to handle low or high volume production in a lean environment, and your "One Stop" source is nearly complete.

Molding Profile

  • Extremely low ppm level on all products.
  • Fastest turn-around time in the industry.
  • 100% on-time delivery.
  • Lean manufacturing techniques.
  • Insert & overmolding.
  • In-house mold maintenance & repair.
  • Close-tolerance critical molding.
  • AIB certified for food packaging.
  • ISO/IATF 16949 registered.

Equipped with the latest in technology equipment and staffed with veteran molding personnel, our manufacturing plant can handle even the most difficult molding projects. As seen in the photos above, we use Japan Steel Works (JSW) molding machines, some of the most reliable machines made.

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Brown and Sharp CMM
Brown and Sharp CMM
Material Storage System
Material Storage System
Insert Molding
Insert Molding


Pdf ISO 9001 Certified (PDF - 433KB)Pdf ISO/IATF 16949 Certified (PDF - 373KB)


Instrumentation Components
CNC Milling Centers High Speed Hard Milling
Wire EDM with Turn and Burn Capabilities
Sinker EDM
Heliarc Welding
Heat Treat
Pad Printing
Hot Stamping
Ultrasonic Welding
Hand Polishing
Blast / Deburr
Insert Injection Molding
Injection Molding
Clean Room
Customer Barcoding and package labeling
Metal/Polymer Machining
Unigraphics Design Software (NX3, NX4, NX5 and NX6)
CNC Machining Ram EDM
Precision Grinding
Custom Assembly
Secondary Operations
Engineering Consulting Services
PC-DMIS software
Brown & Sharp CMM measurement system
720 position Renishaw Probe

Facility Tool Room 9,240 sq. ft. Manufacturing 32,780 sq. ft.
Total 45,460 sq. ft. Offices 3,440 sq. ft.

Company Certified to the ISO 9001 Standard October 1996
Certified to the ISO/IATF 16949 Standard in March of 2018

Engineering File Formats 
Assembly FEM Files (*.afm)
Bookmark Files and PLM XML (*.plmxml)
Bookmarks - Pre NX4 (*.bkm)
DWG Files (*.dwg)
DXF Files (*.dxf)
FEM Files (*.fem)
I-DEAS Exchange Package (*.xpk)
IGES Files (*.igs)
JT Files (*.jt)
Parasolid Binary Files (*.xmt_bin)
Parasolid Binary Files (*x_b)
Parasolid Text Files (*.x_t)
Parasolid Text Files (*.xmt_txt)
Part Files (*.prt)
Simulation Files (*.sim)
Solid Edge Assembly Files (*.asm)
Solid Edge Part Files (*.par)
Solid Edge Sheet Metal Files (*.psm)
Solid Edge Weldment Files (*.pwd)
SolidWorks Assembly Files (*sldasm)
SolidWorks Part Files (*.sldprt)
STEP Files (*.stp)
User Defined Feature Files (*.udf)

Tool Room High speed CNC milling machines.
In-house heat treating and polishing.
Wire, sinker and EDNC EDM machines.

Injection Molding 1 vertical injection molding machine.
18 horizontal injection molding machines (10 all-electric servo driven).
Star, Sepro and Yushin robotics.

Decorating / Finishing 
Hot stamping.
Pad printing.
Ultrasonic Welding.

Quality Control 
QAS Version 3.1 SPC Software.
Servo-driven CMM.
Video and optical comparators.

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Tool Room Equipment List

Makino SP43 CNC Wire
1,764# Table Load
17.8" x 11.8" Table Travel, 12.6" Z Axis
33.5 x 28.3 x 12.6 Max Work Piece
Accuracy ±0.000060"
Repeatability ±0.000060"

Makino SP64 CNC Wire
2,645# Table Load
25.5" x 15.7" Table Travel, 16.5" Z Axis
33.5 x 28.3 x 12.6 Max Work Piece
Accuracy ±0.000060"
Repeatability ±0.000060"
Turn and Burn Capable

Makino S56 Vertical
Machining Center
1325# Table Load
35.4" x 19.7" Table Travel, 17.7" Z Axis
20 Station Tool Changer
Accuracy ±.00006"
Repeatability ±.00004"
Equipped with Blum Laser System

Kitamura CNC Mycenter-3X
Vertical Machining Center
 1100# Table Load
17.9 x 29.9 Table Travel, 18" Z Axis
20 Station Automatic Tool Changer
Tolerances within a 1' cube, ±.0002" repeatability

AGIE Mondo Star 50 EDM 
16 Station 3R Tool Changer
300 Amp Power Supply
3D Orbit Capabilities
Integrated C Axis
Travel X-20" Y-14" Z-14"
Work Weight - 1100# Electrode Weight 220#

Hansvedt (Leadman) RAM
 10½" x 13½" x 16" Table Travel
1650# Work Weight
3R Orbicut CNC Attachment and an Anilam Digital Readout
60 Amp H-Pulse Power Supply with System
First Spark 3 Axis Digital Readout
Repeatability ±.0002"

(4) Vertical Mills with
 12" x 24"

Bridgeport Vertical Mill 15" x 33"
1500# Workload Capacity

(6) Chevalier Surface
 6" x 18"

Chevalier Wet Grinder 16" x 40"

(6) Boyar-Schultz Surface
 6" x 12"
6" x 18"

(2) Harig Surface Grinders 6" x 18"

Clausing Lathe 13" x 42"

Arboga Radial Arm Drill

Rockwell Drill Press 20"

Drill Press 24"

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Production Equipment List

Molding Machines 
(1) 40 Ton JSW Electric 0.8 oz.
(1) 55 Ton JSW 2.0 oz.
(1) 85 Ton JSW 3.1 oz.
(1) 110 Ton JSW Electric 4.3 oz.
(1) 110 Ton JSW 5.6 oz.
(1) 120 Ton JSW Electric 4.3 oz.
(2) 120 Ton JSW Electric 5.6 oz.
(1) 154 Ton JSW Electric 4.3 oz.
(2) 200 Ton JSW Electric 7.3 oz.
(1) 200 Ton JSW Electric 9.6 oz.
(3) 245 Ton JSW 17.8 oz.
(1) 242 Ton JSW Electric 11.2 oz.
(1) 310 Ton JSW 28.6 oz.
(1) 385 Ton JSW 28.6 oz.
(1) 115 Ton Nissei Hybrid 6.1 oz Vertical Rotary

Auxiliary Molding
Central Material Conveying System
(3) 15 CFM Dehumidifying Hopper Dryers
(2) 20 CFM Dehumidifying Hopper Dryers
(8) 25 CFM Dehumidifying Hopper Dryers
(3) 60 CFM Dehumidifying Hopper Dryers
100 CFM Dehumidifying Hopper Dryer
(2) Mold Temperature Controllers (Oil)
(24) Mold Temperature Controllers (Water)
(3) Conair 4-Component Pellet Additive
(3) Parts Conveyors & Parts Separator
(5) Sprue Picker Robots
10 Ton Chiller
Gravimetric Blenders
Numerous Hot Runner Control Units
50 Ton & 30 Ton Cooling Tower
Tower Treatment System

(1) Star T600VI-480
(1) Yushin ATX-II 300 SL
(2) Star TW 1000V 460V2
(2) Star TW 800V-460
(6) Sepro 5X-15 5 Axis

Finishing Equipment 
(2) 3" Pad Printer (Dual Sealed Cup)
(2) 900 Watt Ultrasonic Welder / Inserter
(2) Label Applicator Machine
1 Ton Hot Stamp Machine (1 to 4 Color)

Clean Room 20' x 30' Soft Wall Portable Clean Room

Material Handling
(2) 5000 lb Forklift
6000 lb Forklift
Pallet Jacks
Parts Counting Scales
Plastic Granulators
Platform Scales
Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Dryer

Quality Control Equipment List

Brown and Sharpe CMM Model 07.07.05 (CNC) (Adjusts to temperature variations)
PC Dmis Software,V-4.3
Datapage/RT Software V-3.33
Renishaw PH10 Probe Head (720 Positions)
28X x 26Y x 18Z

Deltronics DVC-120 Video
6" x 12"
14" Color Video Monitor
Display Monitor

Quality Control Equipment
Deltronics MPC-5 Optical Comparator
Unitron ZSB Microscope
NWA QAS Version 5.1 SPC Software
Vision Inspection System
Mitutoyo SJ-201 Surface Profilometer

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Quality Profile

  • Extremely low ppm levels for all parts.
  • Complete first piece layout capable.
  • 3 shift in-process inspection.
  • Conform to AIAG standards.
  • Quality Control Plans, FMEAs

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Lab is equipped to handle inspection of the most difficult of parts. Utilizing a servodriven Coordinate Measuring Machine along with optical and video devices, part layouts and in-process inspection are a snap. As an ISO 9001 and ISO/IATF 16949 certified molder, our quality manual and procedures are well defined and documented.

Services Offered

  • Scientific Injection Molding, Process Optimization and the Universal Set-Up Sheet.
  • 3D solid design, Unigraphics NX6 and SolidWorks 2009.
  • Prototype mold build and run. Deliveries as quick as "ONE WEEK".
  • Production mold build and run. We have all the latest and greatest technology including "HIGH SPEED HARD MILLING". Tools can be produced faster with greater accuracy.
  • Metrology Lab with "Servo Driven, 720 positions Renishaw Probe, B&S CMM", and video comparator.
  • Horizontal and vertical molding machines, 40 to 385 ton. Allowing a wide range of product sizes as well as insert molding.
  • Robots and conveyors for those special needs.
  • Pad printing.
  • Heat stamping.
  • Sonic welding.
  • Labeling.
  • Assembly.
  • Portable clean room 100,000 clean room.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO/IATF 16949 certified.

Scientific Injection Molding

A good part is the culmination of proper resin selection, component design, tool design, tool construction and processing. Each is equally important and must be done correctly.

  • Faster product development.
  • Fewer engineering changes.
  • Faster time to market
  • Higher quality.
  • Higher return on assets.
  • Higher white collar productivity.
  • Easier life on production floor.
  • Plastics point of view to forming identical parts consistently.
  • Scientific approach to establishing all molding variables.
  • A process where the machine adapts to changes in viscosity not the operator.
  • The ability to move from press to press and reproduce part consistency.
  • Viscosity versus flow rate, pressure loss, gate seal and short shot studies.

Customer Benefits

  • In business for 51 years. Management Team with over 200 year of experience.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO/IATF 16949 Certified.
  • Scientific Injection Molding - We build ready to run molds.
  • Seamless take over of all custom injection molding services.
  • Structured project management reduces lead-time for quick to market requirements.
  • We partner with local and off-shore businesses to meet all your goals.
  • Lean manufacturing principles applied to all processes.
  • Climate controlled facility for enhanced process control.
  • Design, tool build, production, qualification and secondary operations all under one roof.
  • Wide range of press tonnage to service all your needs (40 to 385 ton).
  • Horizontal and vertical molding machines.
  • Financially sound with room to grow.
  • A corporation founded on the principles of truth, honor and integrity.
  • TPS principles applied
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • File transfer made easy. We can accept STEP, XT, IGES.
  • Climate Control facility for enhanced process control.

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